2018/2019 Sales Enablement Research

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Sales Enablement Research Highlights

We’re excited to share the Docurated 2018/2019 Sales Enablement Research results with you as well as provide access to the full Sales Enablement Trends Report. Sales Enablement is a hot sales technology category covering a wide range of needs from sales content and execution to coaching, training and communications. This new research has a heavy but not exclusive focus on one of the most important and challenging areas of sales enablement: sales content.

Content plays a critical role in the buyer journey and yet as you’ll see in the research, simply finding the most effective content can be a challenge. Not only that, aligning sales and marketing to ensure insights and data are driving investments in new sales content is critical. The right combination of sales enablement capabilities can lead to increased sales rep efficiency, higher win rates and accelerating and growing sales pipeline.

Selected Research Highlights

  • 71% of respondents stated that having a dedicated sales enablement function increased sales rep productivity and 56% have seen an increase in the sales pipeline as a result
  • Organizations are evolving rapidly with 48% now having both a sales operations and a sales enablement department in place
  • Reps are wasting on average a staggering 26 hours per month finding, editing and managing content as they search across a significant number of content locations
  • Only 14% of respondents fully agreed that their sales team is always using the most up-to-date and approved content
  • There’s a significant disconnect between sales and marketing as to if marketing is producing content that is relevant to and used by sales

Justifying a Sales Enablement Team

Have you ever wondered how prevalent sales enablement teams are? Our research shows that 64% of organizations already one in place with a further 7% planning on adding a dedicated sales enablement team in the next 12 months (13% growth).

Impact of Sales Enablement

Having a dedicated sales enablement function increased sales rep productivity in 71% of organizations. One in four organizations have seen a reduction in the length of their sales cycle and 56% have seen an increase in the sales pipeline.

Evolution of the Sales Organization

Highly evolved sales organizations (now almost the majority) have both sales operations and sales enablement functions.

Sales Enablement Technology and Budgets

Who Owns Sales Enablement?

Sales (54%) is the primary owner of sales enablement within organizations, followed by marketing (22%). While these numbers remain fairly consistent irrespective of size, the one area where there is variation is when the CEO owns this function, which is 18% in SMBs versus just 3% in mid-market and 1% in large enterprises.

Sales Enablement Technologies Currently Deployed

Interested in how these figures vary depending on the size of sales team and how many organizations have a combination of these technologies?

Sales Enablement Budgets

Sales enablement budget varies by company size. 65% of large enterprises have sales enablement budgets versus just 39% of SMBs. The high-tech sector had the highest percentage of organizations with a dedicated sales enablement budget at 66%.

Top Sales Enablement Technology Priorities in the Next 12 Months

Want to know the top sales enablement technology priorities in the Next 12 Months?

Ready. Set. Go

Find out more about the Docurated sales enablement platform.

Sales Training and Sales Methodologies

Sales Enablement Training and Coaching Software

Ongoing training and coaching of sales reps is a critical component of sales enablement but is it happening and are organizations using software platforms to support this? What are the top sales methodologies in use?

Sales Enablement Content

Wasted Selling Time

Sales reps waste a staggering 26 hours per month on non-selling activities related to finding, editing, and managing content. This is time that should be spent selling!

Number of different locations sales reps have to search for sales content

Looking for further insights?

Primary storage locations for sales content

The top three locations for accessing sales content are Salesforce, email and Microsoft SharePoint. 40% of the locations where sales content exists are typically those that marketing has no insight into, such as email and local desktops. This presents a significant challenge for marketers who need to know which sales content is actually being used by sales reps. Respondents have sales content stored in an average of four different locations.

Sales content types in order of importance

Sales reps have to juggle a wide range of content types from presentations and videos to analyst reports and proposals. So which content types do respondents view as the most important for their sales team?

Sales Content Challenges

#1 challenge for sales reps is finding and identifying the most relevant content

Curious to see what other challenges organizations face in regard to sales content?

Just 38% of organizations are able to associate sales wins and revenue with the content used during the buyer journey

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Only 14% of respondents fully agreed that their sales team is always using the most up-to-date and approved content.

Just 8% fully agreed that they can track the use and consumption of content distributed by sales.

“Marketing is producing content that is relevant to and used by sales.”

There is a significant disparity between the view of sales and marketing respondents for this question. Based on the other results in the research it’s arguable that neither department is fully qualified to answer the question! Sales is obviously struggling to find the content and marketing has limited insights into which content is being used and its impact on revenue.


While marketing has been leading the way in technology investments in recent years, sales is beginning to catchup with sales operations and sales enablement teams are leading the charge.

Over the next 12-months the majority of mid-sized and large enterprise organizations will have a dedicated sales enablement function in place. This is hardly surprising when looking at the results of organizations that have focused on sales enablement. 71% have seen an increase in rep productivity. When it comes to sales content, with findability being the #1 challenge faced by sales reps (closely followed by sales content analytics), organizations need to invest in sales enablement platforms that:

  • Offer user experiences that make it as easy as possible for reps to find the most relevant and effective content
  • Don’t require lengthy migration and central management of sales content – especially when sales content exists in multiple locations
  • Provide analytics on sales content usage no matter it exists so that it’s possible to associate sales content to pipeline, attribute closed business to content, and to enable marketing to focus on producing content that sales will find and use

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