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Industry Specific Applications

Tailored for you

Content Automation is a broad and widely applicable approach for business-critical content, but the requirements differ between industries and the type of content you create. So in tandem with our customers, we’ve developed industry-specific applications tailored to better meet your needs.

Learn more about our industry-specific and cross-industry applications:

All of our content automation solutions use a similar set of products for content creation, management, publishing and delivery and can be configured by you, our partners or Quark’s Professional Services team. Our customers have a wide variety of use-cases beyond the ones above. So if you don’t see a content automation solution that meets your specific requirements, please let us know and we’ll give you a refreshingly honest assessment as to the fit of our solutions to your business requirements.

You can also visit our enterprise product pages to find out more about specific product capabilities that make up a content automation solution.

Quark Publishing Platform
The centre of all of our content automation solutions that manages content components, collaboration, workflow, content assembly and publishing

Quark Author
Web-based content creation software that enables content creators to rapidly originate and reuse content.

Quark XML Author
Add-in to Microsoft Word that enables subject matter experts to create structured content within the familiar Microsoft Word environment.

App Studio
Cloud-based digital publishing solution for distributing content to branded mobile apps on smartphones and tablets.

People First

Focus on what you do best

The philosophy of content automation is to let your team focus on what they do best. Guess what? Copying and pasting, manual review and approval and labour-intensive content updates are not valuable activities. With a content automation solution from Quark, each individual and department involved in the content lifecycle has the right tools to engage in the process at the right time. From easy-to-use authoring software and Web-based review tools through automating repetitive publishing tasks, everyone gets to focus on what they do best, ultimately improving the quality of your end product and enhancing employee satisfaction.

Content Automation Stories

Looking for inspiration? Check our our customer stories to understand how our products and solutions have been deployed in a variety of organisations.