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Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is an international XML standard for writing and delivering information. Originally designed for technical publications, DITA is being used for a variety of document types including marketing materials, policies and procedures, customer communications, and many others.

Quark offers software for authoring DITA information within Microsoft Word and publishing DITA information to many different media types, both print and electronic.


Did You Know?

Did You Know?

DITA is an XML-based standard that provides a faster, easier way to publish technical documentation.

The bar for achieving high-quality communications has been rising quickly over the past 20 years. You must find ways to improve your publishing process so you can:

  • Publish more quickly and more frequently
  • Increase information accuracy and relevance
  • Expand your language coverage to more regions
  • Make your information available on all media

And you must make all of these improvements while maintaining or even reducing expenses. But incremental improvements to existing publishing processes won't be enough. You need a new approach, one that emphasises a minimalistic, topic-based writing style and reuse of existing material: DITA authoring and publishing.

DITA can help you increase productivity and reduce costs while gaining the advantages of international standards, vendor independence, and broad availability of skills.

However, building a DITA-based technical publishing system is not easy and typically involves purchasing and integrating specialised tools. Implementing these tools is a lengthy and costly process that often results in a system that users resist because of the alien experience of these tools.

The Easy Path to DITA

Benefits of Quark's Solution

Adopt DITA More Easily
Designed from the ground up around DITA to maximise ease-of-use.

Get Going Fast
Ready to use out-of-the-box.

Quark XML Author for Microsoft® Word offers a better way: It has off-the-shelf support for creating and optionally publishing DITA. Quark XML Author lets users create XML content in the familiar environment of Microsoft Word, which makes it easier to learn and use.

And because it's based on Word, Quark's solution allows subject matter experts (SMEs) to participate directly in the process of contributing to and improving technical information by using XML Author. Direct participation eliminates manual handoffs from outside contributors to the publishing department, which reduces time and costs.

Quark's solution also includes:

  • DITA map creation and editing, allowing complete DITA publications to be created entirely within Microsoft Word
  • Support for commenting and change tracking using the familiar Microsoft Word user interface
  • Publishing through Quark's optional DITA publishing module
  • Centralised content storage and archiving through Quark's content management system partners: Microsoft SharePoint®, EMC® Documentum®, and IBM® FileNet® Content Manager

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Case Study

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