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Style Sheets

Control and Update Text Style with Style Sheets

Paragraph and character style sheets make it fast and easy to format text in QuarkXPress® — and to update that formatting if requirements change.

Using style sheets is easy. First, decide how you want the various parts of your text — headlines, bylines, body text, emphasised text, and so forth — to look. Which font do you want to use, at which size? What colour should the text be? What line spacing and indents do you want? How much space do you want before and after the paragraph?

Next, create a style sheet for each part of your text. You can do this from scratch, or simply format some text the way you want it and then create the style sheet from that text. Typical style sheets have names such as "Headline" or "Caption."

Once you’ve created your style sheets, they display in the Style Sheets palette. To use them, simply select some text and then click the style sheet name in the palette — all of the formatting in that style sheet is automatically applied to that text. This makes it very fast and easy to style large quantities of text. (You can make the process even faster by assigning your own key commands to each style sheet.)

What if the art director decides that the body text should be Lucida Bright instead of Lucida Sans? No problem — just update the style sheet, and all of the text that uses that style sheet gets updated automatically.

At a glance:

  • Create and use both paragraph-level style sheets and character-level style sheets
  • Standardise style sheets in a workgroup with Job Jackets®
  • Import and export Microsoft® Word styles
  • Choose whether or not to override local formatting when applying style sheets

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