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Industry Applications

Quark Enterprise Solutions contain industry-specific applications for enterprise publishers who want to cut costs while improving productivity and accuracy. These solutions are tailored to the particular needs of the industries but can be customized to suit almost any business.

Financial Services

Quark Enterprise Solutions for Financial Services focuses on the efficient publishing of real-time information to analyst reports and fund fact sheets. Improve client engagements, gain a competitive edge and drive more revenues with high-value, high-quality customer communications.

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Quark Enterprise Solutions for government builds a secure publishing platform for both the policy-making and intelligence communities. Regulatory and legislative processes can be streamlined with Quark Enterprise Solutions for eGovernment while Quark Enterprise Solutions for Intelligence enables immediate and protected information sharing.

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Life Sciences

Makers of pharmaceuticals face increasing requirements for XML-based regulatory submissions such as Structured Product Labeling (SPL), Product Information Management (PIM), and Electronic Common Technical Documents (eCTD). Quark Enterprise Solutions for Life Sciences offers an efficient method for ensuring compliance with new regulations.

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Quark Enterprise Solutions for Manufacturing helps manufacturers meet customer expectations for product information. Datasheets, technical documentation, marketing collateral, and training manuals can be delivered quickly and accurately to print, Web, and digital devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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Media and Publishing

Traditional publishers are encountering an increasingly demanding public who expects rich design and engaging interactive content on a variety of media. Quark Enterprise Solutions help publishers take their content to print and beyond, including to Web and digital devices such as the iPad and the Kindle.

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