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Brand Management

Today’s global organizations must establish effective brand management strategies to build and maintain a uniform brand across all the geographies in which they operate. In the Brand Management Topic Center, select from a variety of resources that discuss brand management strategies, technologies, and tools for consistency and compliance throughout your organization.

Peugeot Success Story
Case Study

PEUGEOT has chosen to leverage Quark Enterprise Solutions to create brochures for its range of vehicles, representing up to 500 documents per year in fifteen languages.

Quark Matches Innovation with Elegance for Louis Vuitton
Case Study

Louis Vuitton, the iconic luxury leather goods manufacturer, develops new iPad app for internal publications with Quark Publishing Platform and App Studio.

Making the Case for Brand Management
White Paper

Overview of marketing trends and challenges with a discussion of Quark’s brand management offering.

Content Strategies for Winning in the Age of the Customer

Gain a deeper understanding of the changing landscape of customer engagement, today’s content requirements and the top 15 questions to consider when building a modern content strategy.

Protect Your Brand Values
Product Collateral

Quark Brand Manager, a cloud based hosted service simplifies the creation and approval of brand-compliant marketing materials, making it a quick and easy process, and reducing the time it takes to create templates and deliver customized materials to consumers.

Quark Brand Manager Demo

Quark Brand Manager is a business solution for corporate marketing that allows remote teams to create, customize, and deliver brand-marketing materials fast and easily.

Let Go of Your Brand — Dare You!
OnDemand eSeminar

Discover how you can use Cloud-based brand management solutions to uphold corporate marketing guidelines while empowering regional teams.