The Technology

End-to-end solutions engineered for integration and scalability within complex environments

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Single source success

Just like a highly tuned manufacturing process, it’s critical that every stage of the content lifecycle works in harmony. Uniquely, Quark has developed and seamlessly integrated our products for the sole purpose of content automation so you only have to work with a single partner for all your content automation needs.

Engineered for Extensibility

Integrate with existing systems

Seamless and painless integration with existing business ecosystems is essential for large organizations. For example, pulling 12-month trailing average stock performance data into a chart, distributing content on a SharePoint portal or publishing final documents to a system of record such as an enterprise content management system (ECM).

Quark’s solutions have been engineered for ease of integration and extensibility whether by internal resources, a Quark partner or Quark’s experienced professional services team.

Enterprise Scalability

Grows with your business

Business needs evolve over time and you need to ensure an investment you make today in content automation for a specific department can expand to meet the unique needs of your business. Our customers frequently select our solutions because they utilize best in class technology and architectures to meet the rigorous demands of global organizations, supporting thousands of users across multiple locations in multiple languages and can be deployed as an enterprise-wide infrastructure.

What’s more, as your requirements grow and business strategies dictate, you can expand the capabilities of the solution. For example, you might start with PDF and Web publishing, but later expand to a secure mobile app.


Lock down your content and processes

Quark technology is deployed at some of the most secure locations imaginable from government networks and intelligence agencies to global financial institutions and airlines. Our solutions can be easily configured to leverage your existing security systems and meet the exacting demands of these environments.