Content structure is at the heart of content automation. As the old saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. In other words, without structure at the start of the process, it’s impossible to automate the downstream review, approval, assembly and delivery of content to multiple channels.

The defacto standard for structuring content is XML (Extensible Markup Language) but authoring content in XML has traditionally required technical authoring tools, limiting its adoption for business-critical content.

Smart Content components can be dynamically assembled for multi-channel delivery

Smart Content is Quark’s solution to this challenge, enabling anyone, non-technical and technical authors alike, to create structured content in a familiar word processor-like environment. Created using either a Web browser or Microsoft Word, Smart Content delivers all of the benefits of reusable content components while relegating XML to the background for the content creators.

With smart content, you create content once, review and approve it once, and deliver it automatically to multiple channels and formats. And when the content changes, Quark’s content automation solutions dynamically update every instance of that changed content component. Tagging of content, by the content creators or automatically by the platform, ensures the right content is delivered to the right channel and audience in the most appropriate format.

With Quark, your content is smarter, providing the foundation for automating the entire content lifecycle from creation to consumption.