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Why Quark?

Only Quark Offers:

  • A unique approach to dynamic publishing using Microsoft Word together with Quark’s industry-standard design and publishing technologies
  • An end-to-end publishing system from content creation, through integration with leading content management systems, to cross-media publishing
  • A commitment to help organizations ease their transition from the hand-crafted publishing process of the past to the dynamic publishing process of the future

Why Quark XML Author?

Good for IT and Content Creators — Across Industries

Quark XML Author meets the needs of IT staff for XML document quality while providing end users with a simple way to create intelligent XML documents.

In contrast to niche applications, Quark XML Author provides an enterprise option that allows users to create XML documents that conform to any schema or DTD.

Quark supports industry-specific schemas for financial services, life sciences, the intelligence community, manufacturing, and technical documentation — all of which can be deployed out-of-the box for a quick start.

Quark XML Author can be adapted to meet a broad range of enterprise needs — easily outweighing custom-built, Word-based solutions that achieve limited success and drive up costs.

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What Analysts Are Saying:

“Quark is the only vendor in the dynamic publishing marketplace to provide a full line of dynamic publishing software, including page layout and design tools, XML authoring tools, automated workflow, and rendering engines that meet the unique needs of enterprise and media publishers.

Not only does Quark provide solutions that can meet the end-to-end publishing workflow requirements for customers across a variety of industries, the company remains the leader in evangelizing the benefits of dynamic publishing.”

— Aimee Roberts, Frost & Sullivan industry analyst