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QuarkXPress 2018 is the smart alternative for every creative professional who wants to leverage the most modern and efficient design software in the market and, if you’re a Creative Cloud/InDesign user, escape the rental trap with a perpetual QuarkXPress license. Now with native InDesign® IDML Import. Download the free trial and test yourself.

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Minimum System Requirements

QuarkXPress 2017 & 2018 support the newest three operating systems from both MacOS and Windows. Full list of System Requirements for QuarkXPress 2017 and 2018.

Mac: Sierra (macOS 10.12), High Sierra (macOS 10.13) and Mojave (macOS 10.14)
Windows: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 (64 bit only, with latest updates)

“QuarkXPress 2018 is the best desktop publishing software for print and digital projects, which makes it a real alternative and a viable replacement to InDesign and other design applications.”

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QuarkXPress – The Smart Alternative to InDesign

QuarkXPress is graphic design and page layout software used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world who value quality and performance in their daily production of print and digital products. Built on a 64-bit architecture with uniquely innovative features, QuarkXPress has surpassed the competition as the most modern and efficient design software on the market today. Learn more about QuarkXPress 2018, the next new version of QuarkXPress.

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What customers and the press say about QuarkXPress

“With version 2018 Quark takes over technical leadership among its competitors as it continues to build out functionality in several areas, including PDF generation, scripting, OpenType integration and free single-app creation for mobile devices. Not to be forgotten is the wealth of ideas of the users, with whom Quark stands in unprecedented exchange.”
Detlev Hagemann, Publisher

“The new version of QuarkXPress overtakes the competitor Adobe InDesign in some exciting areas. Version 2018 was stable and performed well in our tests. The upgrade is worth it!”
Thomas Kaltschmidt, mac&i

“Although the name Quark associates some of the antiquity of desktop publishing, QuarkXPress is still a true alternative to InDesign. This is not only due to the fact that the software has been continuously developed, but also the more attractive pricing model for small and large customers.”
Markus Linden, PAGE

“After my first attempts with QuarkXPress 2018, I'm very impressed. I feel like a kid with a big bag of miracles...especially the typographic features and the tidy UI. Equally brilliant is the conversion of PDFs into native objects - which saves me so much time! I am looking forward to the first complete production run of our magazine with QuarkXPress. Your programmers have forged a fine piece of software!”
W. Meisel

“We already use the new hyphenation strictness levels extensively in two magazines for unjustified content area such as opening credits, subheadings, captions and quotations, number and info boxes, unjustified notifications and unjustified table of contents. In this area, QuarkXPress 2018 is now even more reliable. So far there have been very few mistakes in comparison to other products. Now content can be even more efficiently hyphenated at the right place within compound words. I have also tested this with the text frame collapsed (for example, if a picture should not be two-column, but only one column and the caption is also compressed). No problem, is has worked extensively.”
T. Schürger and B. Weixler

“QuarkXPress 2018 first impression: wow fast, very fast!”
M. Parienti

“Got my update today - thank you. At first glance I’m very pleased with the speed QuarkXPress 2018 opens and the new features, including colour fonts.”
E. McCafferty

“Thank you to Quark for rolling out the new version today. :) Installation on High Sierra works like a charm. No issues seen so far.”
T. Rabenstein

“I discovered the new version – 2018 - and am excited by the new measurement panel. –It’s timesaver number 1 for me personally. I tried to generate an HTML5 Publication. The result works perfectly, elegantly and smoothly in the browser.”
J. Verlík

“After many years of using InDesign, I took another look at QuarkXPress. I don't know why, probably because I ‘m curious…or because development of InDesign is slow and I'm tired of debugging for free while paying the rent. But what I've found surprised me a lot. After having put it to test for several weeks, now QuarkXPress is in my toolbox again and…well, it works way better than InDesign.”
G. Saccardo

“I just upgraded from my 1998 license of QuarkXPress 4.1 because QuarkXPress 2018 is such a strong product.”
A. McAlmont

“Our decision to switch from InDesign to QuarkXPress was based on the much simpler production of high-quality HTML5 publications.”
S. Burkhardt, publisher of the online magazine "”

“What I love most about the new version of QuarkXPress is the increased ability to convert print layouts to digital layouts (and vice versa) accurately and with ease. This, together with Quark’s unmatched typographic control and the new OpenType functionality (now also available for e-books and HTML5 publications), gives me complete flexibility to produce high-quality designs for both print and online publications. Rating 5/5.”
J. Foster

“QuarkXPress 2018 gives me a huge productivity benefit by allowing for the conversion of PDF files to editable objects. For me that’s huge. I can reuse existing PDF files and export them as high-quality PDF/X-4 for print; which can also be PDF/A compliant if that is something my customers require for archiving or accessibility. Rating 5/5.”
G. Sellars

“On an aggressive upgrade cycle, QuarkXPress 2018 responds to user requests for heavy duty features like JavaScript 8, native Android app creation, a new PDF engine and hyphenation quality - a feature much needed but nowhere previously seen. Colour fonts add fun, but, as always, it is the experience of refined power that sets QuarkXPress apart.”
M. Turner

“Designers will love the color fonts. Think of the time it can save. Now you just type and it's done!”
K. Lang