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App Studio for QuarkXPress

Design and Publish to Your Own Custom iPad Apps for the Ultimate Mobile Experience

Create a custom iPad app with Quark’s online service, then design and publish beautiful interactive issues for it using QuarkXPress— without requiring the services of a programmer.

Only QuarkXPress lets designers use a dedicated workspace with familiar tools to convert existing layouts to rich, interactive content — or create new iPad content from scratch — and then sell that content through the Apple® App Store*.

App Studio for QuarkXPress — which enables publishing to the iPad — will be available as a free update to QuarkXPress 9 users within 90 days after QuarkXPress 9 ships.

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You’re In Control

With QuarkXPress, you don’t have to rely on a programmer to create or publish to the iPad. Designers can maintain direct control over layouts, interactivity, and publishing, and even create their own apps.

How It Works

Using App Studio layouts in QuarkXPress, you can:

  • Create layouts using dedicated vertical and horizontal orientations
  • Tag individual boxes with easy-to-use behaviors to produce immersive interactive experiences
  • Automatically build slideshows, video and sound players, pop-up windows, Web overlays, hyperlinks, scrollable layouts, and more
  • Use all of the rich layout features of QuarkXPress to fully realize your creative vision

Then publish to your iPad app…all without writing a single line of code.

At a glance:

  • Create a customized iPad app with embedded content, or serve issues individually*
  • Use our online app creation wizard to build your app
  • Use all of the rich design capabilities of QuarkXPress to maintain the unique look-and-feel of your brand
  • Easily apply and adjust interactive behaviors without writing any code or leaving QuarkXPress
  • Use Reflow view to assemble and preview the reflowable text behind your layout — this allows your reader to switch between a full, rich layout presentation and a more traditional e-book view where the reader has control over text display options
  • Use the online App Studio portal to manage your apps, publications, and issues


  • Test your apps and issues on your iPad without having to publish them first
  • Sell issues via the Apple App Store

Additional Resources: Set up an Apple developer account.

*Requires the iOS SDK, an Apple developer account, Quark's issue management service (payable per issue), and the Quark iPad Reader Framework (optional).

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