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You’re going to love the new features in QuarkXPress 2015 because they are your features. In fact, we’ve included the top 10 most user-requested enhancements. Work faster with unbeatable 64-bit performance and an array of features for print and digital production such as certified PDF/X-4 output and fixed layout eBooks. Work smarter with new designer-controlled automation including footnotes and content variables.

QuarkXPress 2015 is available as a perpetual license for Mac OS X and Windows, no subscription required. Get your lifetime license today.

Runs on OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 (64-bit only). Read recommended system requirements. Software available as electronic download only.

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Press Quotes

“QuarkXPress 2015 is a valuable upgrade for QuarkXPress users who make ePub files, work with lots of tables or footnotes, or need running headers. By also providing the top 10 most-requested feature improvements, Quark has made this an upgrade every user will want.”
- Macworld

“Recommended Overall score: 1.6 (Good). QuarkXPress 2015 is a versatile design tool that inspires. In addition to an array of advanced functionality in the new version, a surprising number of third-party developers have already made available XTensions, which will benefit many users.”
- Macwelt

“Even faster. With its new 64-bit architecture, QuarkXPress 2015 offers users a performance advantage. Designers will appreciate a number of new user-requested features for the production of print and digital content, such as interactive fixed layout books and custom page sizes.”
- Prepress – World of Print

“Performance improvements, PDF/X-4 export and interactive fixed layout ePub make an upgrade to QuarkXPress 2015 worthwhile for many. With the improved graphics engine, QuarkXPress brings text and images to life in greater detail and quality on the screen compared to InDesign.”
- Mac&i

“User feedback drives QuarkXPress 2015. The new version of QuarkXPress shows off new features based on users' wishes without losing Quark’s strategic focus on advancing HTML5-based digital publishing.”
- Publisher

“Quark has clearly thought about how to make QuarkXPress feel faster. QuarkXPress is quite quick to use with plenty of short cuts and a general sense of having most tools at hand without searching through menus. Is it worth the upgrade? For many people, the move to 64-bit programming with the subsequent improvement in performance will probably justify the cost of upgrading.”
- Spindrift

“The combination of maturing web and e-book technologies, combined with Quark's steady pursuit of a platform that takes all forms of publishing equally seriously, has really come together in QuarkXPress 2015. The program's roots in ‘desktop publishing’ still show - a delight for "old print guys" like me - but as we've grown and gotten more versatile in response to a changing market, so too has QuarkXpress. It's good to see our old friend again.”
- MacNN

“4.5 from 5 Stars - very good. QuarkXPress 2015 is up to date and lets layouters work better.”
- MacLife

Our Focus: Performance. Stability. Quality.

With its new 64-bit architecture, QuarkXPress 2015 can use all of the RAM available to deliver performance improvements across the board from file handling and layout rendering to PDF export. Combined with a relentless focus on quality means you get the speed and reliability you deserve.

You Asked, We Delivered: YOUR features

We surveyed customers around the world to discover and rank the features that were important to you and included them in QuarkXPress 2015 – lots of them.

  • Stunning 64-bit performance
  • More than 4x larger Page Sizes
  • Verified PDF/X-4 Output
  • Fixed layout interactive eBooks
  • Orthogonal Line Tool
  • Custom Page Sizes
  • Relink Any Picture in the Usage Dialog
  • Collect for Output and Usage for Complete Project
  • User-definable shortcut keys (*Mac only)
  • Table styles
  • Format Painter
  • Yosemite OS X Support
  • Tool Palette, Measurement Palette and Palette Group docking on Windows
  • Open PDF after Export
  • And More

Support for Verified PDF/X-4 Output

QuarkXPress 2015 will allow users to create PDF/X-4 files. The exported PDF/X-4 files are certified with the same technology used inside Adobe Acrobat. With this latest standard, designers can preserve transparency to enable faster output, smaller files and higher quality print output.

Work Smarter with Designer-Controlled Automation

Work Smarter with Designer-Controlled Automation

QuarkXPress has always been about automation. From the early days of style sheets, master pages, indexes and TOCs to more recent additions such as shared content, conditional styles and callouts. QuarkXPress 2015 builds on this legacy with new long document features including:

  • Automatic footnotes and endnotes
  • A new, faster alternative table tool for superior Excel integration with table styles
  • Content Variables for automatically populating reoccurring fields – like running headers, page numbers, dates, references and static text
Fixed Layout eBooks with App-like Interactivity

Fixed Layout eBooks with App-like Interactivity

Building on the popularity of reflowable eBooks (ePub) and stunning interactive apps from App Studio, QuarkXPress 2015 combines the best of both worlds with a new digital output format. You can now create HTML5 fixed layout eBooks without any additional software or costs. The fixed layout eBook format (ePub3 or Amazon’s KF8), displays pixel-perfect layouts such as science reports or colorful animated kids books without the complexity and cost of creating and maintaining native apps. Unlike many fixed layout creation tools, your layouts need not be static either. You can add interactive enrichments such as slide shows, page flips, animations and more.

And That's Not All

If you’re on a previous version of QuarkXPress - or perhaps you just haven’t discovered these features yet - QuarkXPress 2015 also includes hundreds of features that support your workflow.

Easy to Use

  • Easy Installation and Activation
  • 64-Bit Support
  • Xenon Graphics Engine
  • HiDPI/Retina® Support
  • Streamlined, Modern, Intuitive Interface
  • Intelligent Palettes
  • Full Screen View (Mac Only)
  • Adaptive Resolution Technology
  • Task-based Tools
  • Page Navigator
  • Libraries
  • Multiple Views
  • Learn Once for Multiple Channels
  • Drag and Drop
  • Auto-open Documents
  • Custom Shortcut Keys (Mac Only)

Powerful Design Tools

  • ShapeMaker
  • Cloner
  • Transparency and Drop Shadows
  • Illustration (Bézier/Pen) Tools
  • Clipping and Masking of Images
  • Table Creation
  • QR Code Creator
  • Advanced Image Control
  • Layers
  • Color Blends
  • Easily Create and Apply Shapes to Any Content
  • Dynamic Guides and Grids
  • Space/Align and Distribution
  • Super Step and Repeat
  • Automatic Text Runaround
  • Intelligent Scaling
  • Orthogonal Line Tool
  • Larger Page Size
  • Custom Page Sizes
  • Relink Images in Usage Dialog
  • Collect for Output Across Entire Project
  • Format Painter
  • Footnotes / Endnotes
  • New, Faster Tables Including Table Styles

Integration with Other Applications

  • Import and Manipulate Photoshop (PSD) Documents
  • Import Tables and Charts from Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX)
  • Import Microsoft Word Text, Style Sheets, Pictures, and Hyperlinks
  • Import Native Adobe® Illustrator® (AI) Files
  • Import, Export, and Edit Text (DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, XTAGS)
  • Import PDF, PDF/X, PDF/X-4 Files
  • Import Wide Range of Image Formats (EPS, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, PostScript, TIFF)
  • Enrich Digital Publishing Projects with Sound and Video

Layout Automation

  • Synchronize Text, Pictures, and Formatting Automatically
  • Conditional Styles
  • Callouts
  • Composition Zones®
  • ImageGrid
  • Job Jackets
  • Lists
  • Style Sheets
  • Item Find/Change
  • Item Styles
  • AppleScript
  • Master Pages
  • Indexes
  • Automatic Page Numbering
  • Integration with QuarkCopyDesk®
  • Content Variables
  • Automatic Footnotes and Endnotes
And That’s Not All

Precision Typography

  • Hanging Characters
  • Bullets and Numbering
  • Page Grids and Grid Styles
  • Linkster
  • Story Editor
  • East Asian Typography
  • Glyphs Palette
  • Convert Text to Picture and Text Boxes
  • Text on a Path
  • Professional Text Formatting
  • Create Custom Kerning Pairs and Tracking Curves
  • Special Characters
  • Placeholder Text
  • Create Custom Underline Styles
  • Unicode and OpenType Support
  • Customizable H&J (Hyphenation & Justification) Specifications
  • Font Fallback
  • Font Mapping
  • Highlight Missing Fonts
  • Hyphenation Exceptions
  • Text Find/Change
  • Custom Text Runaround
  • Spellchecking and Hyphenation in 38+ Languages

Reliable Print Output

  • Job Jackets
  • Soft Proofing
  • Spot Inks (Including PANTONE® Matching System)
  • Bleed and Registration Marks
  • Configurable PDF Job Options
  • Live Print Previews
  • PDF Pass-Through Transparency
  • Reusable Output Styles
  • ICC Color Management
  • Overprint Control
  • Verified PDF/X-4 Output

Digital Publishing

  • Design for App Studio
  • Export Fixed Layout and Reflow ePub for iPad, Kindle and Android Devices
  • Layout Spaces
  • Synchronize Text, Pictures, and Formatting Automatically
  • Learn Once for Multiple Channels
  • Automatic Image Format Conversion
  • Convert Print to Digital Publishing Formats
  • Text-to-image Conversion


  • Export Boxes, Partial Pages or Whole Pages as Image
  • OS X File Extensions are Added to QuarkXPress Files
  • Flip Shapes Horizontally and Vertically
  • Easily Join, Extend, and Close Open Bézier Paths
  • Apply Style Sheets After Creation
  • Anchored Boxes Without Limit
  • Support for Portuguese Reformed Hyphenation & Spellcheck
  • Layout Tab Reordering
  • Set Default Tool Preferences From Existing Objects
  • View Persistent Unicode Values in the Glyphs Palette
  • Set Separate Trim View Pasteboard Color for App Studio
  • and More

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