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Quark Content Automation February 2019 Release Notification

This short-cycle release focuses on providing Quark’s content automation customers with quality improvements, additional cloud infrastructure support, usability enhancements, improved performance, and increased reliability for business users. Features by product are detailed below, with more information available in our published documentation.

If you are curious to learn more about the previous update, check out our August 2018 Enterprise Release Update which includes the new, and highly anticipated, Smart Content Toolkit.

Updates to the Modules of Quark’s
Enterprise Platform for Content Automation

Cloud and Infrastructure Updates

  • Amazon infrastructure support: Customers can now leverage cloud services for Quark Publishing Platform data storage.
    • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): Specify an S3 repository adapter to store Platform assets using the leading cloud provider
    • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS): Administrators may now deploy the Platform Server database using Amazon RDS for SQL Server
  • Infrastructure updates: The February 2019 release provides updates to Aspose and CKEditor to deliver quality improvement.

Working Smarter with Usability Enhancements

  • Spell Checking usability: Improve content quality with an enhanced spell-checking experience that allows authors to iterate over spelling errors, replace errors with suggestions, and add terms to the user dictionary.
    • This high-performing spell checker further boosts authoring efficiency by replacing/ignoring all errors with a single-click
    • Enjoy a range of configuration operations, including the ability to ignore read-only content or specific sections like data tables which don't require spell checking
    • Set default language preferences for spell checking or via events using the Quark Author API for extensibility
  • Cross-reference enhancements: : Incorporating customer feedback we provided several usability enhancements.:
    • Easily configure Quark Author to ignore specific cross-reference element targets to minimize visual clutter
    • Improve consistency and enforce style guides with greater control over cross-reference formats, including a configuration option which prevents editing of cross-reference formats
    • Developers will enjoy a new callback when cross-reference text is evaluated to support quality checking and similar downstream use cases for publishing and automated delivery

Boosting Performance and Building on the Smart Content Toolkit

  • Business and Smart Content users now have a document navigation pane on the left:
    • Easily click a document section to jump to that content in the canvas
    • Reorder sibling sections in the navigation pane using drag and drop
    • Promote/demote sections in the document tree
    • Developers can also extend the context menu to enable/disable custom menu options
  • Maintaining a focus on business user performance, take advantage of paste, undo, and redo performance that improved by 70-90%.
  • Modularized application and document configuration streamlines configuration management at scale.
  • The February 2019 release extends on the August 2018 delivery of the Smart Content Schema, so net new projects can use the Smart Content Toolkit for defining new document types and style templates.
    • Smart Paste is now fully supported for Smart Content, retaining the structure and formatting for pasted content
    • Performance for undo/redo and paste are improved by greater than 50%

Compatibility with QuarkXPress 2018

  • Compatibility with the QuarkXPress 2018 January 2019 Update:
    • Enjoy the latest features of QuarkXPress 14.2.1
    • The latest version includes Indic text, typography, and Unicode font support for digital and print layouts
    • Amazon S3 infrastructure support for data storage of the QuarkXPress Server docpool
  • Quality improvements: This release includes several important bug fixes.

Other Announcements

  • Compatibility update: Platform XTensions for QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk features are now compatible with the latest version of QuarkXPress 2018.
  • Smart Content Toolkit update: An updated Smart Content XTension makes the new tools compatible with the latest versions of Quark Publishing Platform and QuarkXPress.
  • Platform Client update: Smart Content Designer is updated with the latest Platform Client.
  • Updates have been made to the 3rd party software list shipped with the software.
  • Older enterprise products are nearing their end of life for support, so please check our Knowledge Base and kick off your upgrade plan!