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Quark® promotes an initiative-based culture driven by a focus on our customers and leadership to advance innovative ideas and solutions that meet customer and business needs. From this foundation stem our core values of leadership, empowerment, communication, execution and customer focus.

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Our Employees

The people who make up Quark come from diverse countries, cultures, and backgrounds, providing a strength in rich perspectives that fuel innovation, teamwork, and excellence.

"I chose Quark because of the opportunity and the strength of product offerings around dynamic publishing and XML solutions. Quark now has a complete solution that can go horizontally across organizations. In addition, I believe in what the executive management team wants to build at Quark and wanted to be a part of it."
— Jim, Sales, USA

"I have been with Quark for last 10 years. What has not changed over the decades is the inspiration to deliver world class publishing software. Led by this inspiration the Quark engineering team works in an agile and mature collaborative environment to consistently deliver innovation. "
— Amit, R&D, India

"I chose Quark because I liked the idea of working for an international company that is innovative and sets trends. I relish the chance to deal with the designers' community and to discover the world of dynamic publishing. I am looking forward to working in Quark's vibrant environment."
— Valentina, Public Relations, United Kingdom


Community ConneXions
Quark employees run Community ConneXions, a global grass-roots effort for giving back to the communities where we live and serve. Community ConneXions activities focus on volunteerism, financial contributions, and other activities with charitable organizations.

Some of the activities of Community ConneXions:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Denver Rescue Mission
  • Race for the Cure
  • Bonfils Blood Drive
  • Thanksgiving Food Bank Drive
  • Salvation Army "Angel" Tree
  • School Supply Drive
  • Donation (India) of more than 100 computers to provide access to education.
  • Donation of UNESCO-approved tents and 19 cartons of warm clothes (cash & in-kind contributions) for the cloudburst LEH victims
  • Blood Donation Camp — in association with Chandigarh Medical College

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Why Work at Quark

"I chose Quark because I believe Quark is poised to leverage its existing expertise in traditional print publishing with an impressive new XML product line to provide a compelling and unique offering."
— Bill, Technical Services, USA